Static site generators, and choosing the “right” one is a real rabbit hole. There’s an overwhelming set of options, each have upsides and downsides, and there is always a temptation to roll-your-own bespoke solution.

It helps if you come in with some requirements, mine personally are:

  • Minimal setup
  • RSS Feed
  • Authoring posts in markdown

… and that’s about it. Trying to spend as little time on setting up the blog, so I can spend more time writing. To that end, I chose Jekyll as it requires no additional setup to deploy to Github Pages. I doubt I’ll write enough posts that the build time will be annoying.

Graph with number of blog posts on the y-axis, and number of posts about elaborate blog setups on the x-axis. There's an inverse correlation - blogs with higher number of posts have fewer posts about elaborate blog setups. At the top-left, wordpress setup from 2004. At the bottom-right, authors of custom static site generators.